All About Russian Dolls

As a native Russian I was brought up around these wonderful Matryoshka Russian dolls, hardly realising how their magic and beauty would stay with me into my adult life. At first, I simply saw them as an interesting toy with bright colours, not realising how they were teaching me to understand shapes and forms and learn about colours and numbers.

To many people, Russian dolls are a souvenir from a foreign land; something to place in a cabinet as a decorative piece and this is a wonderful way to preserve a corner of Russia in your home, but in reality their purpose in life is to charm, to enlighten, to educate and to amaze.

Even today, there are teachers in Russia who use Matryoshka Russian dolls as a learning aid, in much the same way I used them all those years ago. If you have ever sat and watched a young child patiently trying to put all the pieces of the Russian dolls together, you will understand how something so simple can captivate and enthrall.

This website is dedicated to Matryoshka, the little wooden doll that for over 100 years has been a symbol of nature, motherhood and the everlasting circle of life. We started by operating online (shipping to anywhere in the world) and went on to open our first shop in July 2011, selling carefully selected genuine pieces from the heart of Russia. Many of them unique, some of them unusual, but all of them with their own characters and charm.

We hope that you will share our journey and enjoy these little treasures.